Artist Statement

Taking a break from construction

This body of work is centered in reconstructing and decorating a story’s moment in symbolic plastic model sprue tree fabrications, monofilament portrait and wall drawings. Memento mori, vestiges of loved objects, reconfigured experiences conforming to emotional memory. To invoke a present alternate form of a cautionary tale or human existence story involving  attempts to evaluate their nature and qualities. Capturing visceral moments, illusions and tapping into their unique idiosyncrasies.

Monofilament, which is a very personal material to me, has value and emotional range running from a thin veil of dust to solid mass; something that vaguely covers, obscuring details, or accumulates to define a recognizable form. The sprue tree is a fixed snap shot of something or someone that has been born and built up as a plastic model kit but later held still by fate, disassembled and placed back on the sprue, a person in a state of suspension, unable to evolve; the schematic yet graphic portrait of a coveted object.

Outside of a wide and somewhat diluted skill set gleaned through the years, my contributions to this world are nominal at best; however. I have tried to make art, music and live a life that remains true to intrinsic beliefs, personal materials and idiosyncratic imagery. To maintain a constant of observing with extreme curiosity. While being curious to any and many things is, in itself, a perpetual distraction to the single mindedness needed for a successful career, it creates a large and varied bag of tools to lug about, to be laid out on the ground and orchestrated.

Schooling, etc.

Philadelphia College of Art ’74-’75
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts ’75-’78, Cresson European Traveling Scholarship

Awards, Exhibits

2013 Dave Bown Projects – 6th Semiannual Competition (Curators: Marisa Pascucci, Reto Thüring, Adelina Vlas) Honorable Mention.
2013 Hal Bromm Gallery / Tribeca announces “Lost and Found II” Exhibition Curated by Fran Holstrom.
2012-’13 Chris White Gallery Wilm., DE
2011 Philadelphia Moca InLiquid Benefit
’91 Phila Armory
’83 and ’84 White Columns NYC
’83 Sculpture At Penns Landing